Phase 3 – Post Privatization Era (1995 – Todate)

Phase 3

The dawn of the post privatization era brought with it a new dimensional approach together with renewed devotion, resolve and commitment towards rapid industrial growth. The first R&D task undertook by ICL during the private era was the revival of Zinc Sulphate Plant and its up-gradation together with product quality refinement. The product Zinc Sulphate […]

Phase 2 – State Enterprise Era (1971 – 1995)

Phase 2

During this era, products like Sodium Hypochlorite, Bleaching Earth and Zinc Sulphate were researched upon from lab scale abinitio, to pilot plant stage and ultimately to full scale activity which culminated in setting up prototype plants. From a few hundred kilograms per day during the initial period of development, the plants rose to capacities of […]

Phase 1 – Post Commissioning Era (1964 – 1971)

Phase 1

During the initial period R&D work was confined to in-process development and refinement, utilization of waste streams and utilization of surplus chlorine. The R&D Section effectively worked on Brine Purification techniques, (improving quality of cell feed brine for electrolysis) replacing nascent chlorine washing with cooling to remove moisture before contact with Sulphuric Acid for dehumidification.In […]

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