Phase 1

Phase 1 – Post Commissioning Era (1964 – 1971)

During the initial period R&D work was confined to in-process development and refinement, utilization of waste streams and utilization of surplus chlorine. The R&D Section effectively worked on Brine Purification techniques, (improving quality of cell feed brine for electrolysis) replacing nascent chlorine washing with cooling to remove moisture before contact with Sulphuric Acid for dehumidification.
In those days Bleaching Powder was also manufactured. It was a hot saleable item with textile and yarn industry. A lot of research work was done to improve the quality and stability of Bleaching Powder wherein the later was effectively marketed for a number of years. The product effectively competed with a number of brands especially Adamjee’s.
Research work was also carried out for the reclamation of spent chlorinated sulfuric acid obtained from the chlorine drying section. The research was, however, off-set and annulled due to nationalization of the entire chemical complex in 1971.

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