Ittehad Chemicals Limited had the honor of hosting students from University of Management and Technology – UMT for an industrial visit to their Plant Site at Kala Shah Kaku. (12th December 2023)

 In a professional setting, we had the opportunity to share our extensive expertise in Chemicals Manufacturing and engage in fruitful discussions regarding the impact of innovation and technology on Pakistan’s industrial development. During the visit, the students were provided with a comprehensive tour, guided by industry experts, who explained the intricate steps involved in chemical production, starting from the sourcing of raw materials all the way to the final packaging. The industrial work showcased the commitment of our diligent workers, as they constantly monitored the machinery and performed quality control checks at multiple stages, ensuring the final product met our company’s high standards. Hosting these future Engineering Professionals was an absolute honor, and we are confident that they will continue to excel in the Engineering Domain.

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