Code Of Conduct

Ittehad Chemicals’ Core Principles

At the core of ICL are the values of integrity, honesty and respect for people, and our reputation is founded on these. The trust and confidence of those with whom we deal is a real asset, critical for achieving to the continued growth and success.

Ittehad Chemicals’ Code of Conduct Business Integrity

ICL insists on integrity, honesty and fairness in all aspects of our business.
All business transactions must be reflected accurately and fairly in ICL’s accounts in accordance with established procedures.

Our Commitment to Our Stakeholders

We at ICL recognize our corporate responsibility to five main groups of stakeholders. We are committed:

(a) To Shareholders

Apply professional and diligent management in order to secure a fair and competitive return on our shareholder’s investment
Keep all the shareholders prudently informed regarding matters related to business;
Conserve, protect, and increase the shareholders value of investment.
Respect shareholders requests, suggestions, complaints, and formal resolutions

(b) To Customers

We believe in treating all customers with dignity. We therefore have a responsibility to:

Win and retain customers by developing and providing products that offer value in terms of price, quality, safety and environmental impact.
Be responsive to customer comments and complaints.
Treat our customers fairly in all aspects of our business transactions

(c) To Employees

We believe in the dignity of every employee and in taking employee interests seriously. We therefore have a responsibility to:
To provide and maintain safe conditions of work, with competitive terms and conditions of employment.
Insist on a policy of diversity, by selecting, developing and retaining employees on the basis of ability and qualifications for the work to be performed, without any form of discrimination or prejudice.
Encourage the involvement of employees in the planning and direction of their work.

(d) To Suppliers

Our relationship with suppliers must be based on mutual trust and respect. We therefore have a responsibility to:
Seek fairness and truthfulness in all our activities;
Ensure that our business activities are free from coercion;
Foster long-term stability in the supplier relationship in return for value, quality, competitiveness and reliability;
Seek, encourage and prefer suppliers whose employment practices respect human dignity.

(e) To the Community

We conduct business as responsible corporate citizens, observe the laws of our country, give proper regard to the health, safety and the environment, and be sensitive to and supportive of our local cultural, social, educational and economic needs

Health, Safety and the Environment

We have established safe and healthy working conditions for all employees.

To this end, we measure, appraise and report performance on the basis of continuous improvement and with the longer-term aim of enhancing the sustainability of our business and that of our customers and suppliers.

Compliance, Monitoring and Reporting

Compliance with this Code is monitored and reviewed by the ICL Board, as part of its risk management process. Day-to-day responsibility in this regard is delegated to senior operating management.